3A Featuretail 12pc Artificial Mini Colourful Birds for Decoration, Art and Crafts, Scoopl Project Works- (Plastic, Multi Colour, Pack of 12)


3A Featuretail colourful mini birds are the essential material for many crafts and DIY hobby work. These colorful Mini birds are beautifully hand crafted birds used in model building, trousseau Packing, tree house decor, home decor, school projects.

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  • These Colorful Mini Birds are easy to used for DIY hobby crafts and other crafts works.
  • Size aprx 2inch each total 12 birds. Multicolor.
  • Can be used for trousseau Packing and party decoration also.
  • These colorful mini birds are Ideal for model making, party decorations, carnivals, celebrations, school projects, etc.
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