3A Featuretail 5ft Artificial Marigold Fluffy Flowers Garlands for Festive Decorations, Genda Ladi 100pc


Marigold artificial flowers garlands for decoration. Perfect for traditional decoration. Contains 5 pieces of marigold artificial fluffy flowers garlands. To make Artificial Marigold Flowers Garland more Fluffy just use your hands run your fingers in upwards and downwards direction through the Garlands Or You Can use a Air Dryer to make them more Fluffy But make sure that the Air Dryer is not too closed to the Flowers Or it might damage them. Your Artificial Marigold Flowers Garland are ready to use For Decorations .

  • It’s made by recycled fibers.
  • Length of the single Strings 5 feet; Reusable and Washable
  • For Festive or event decoration, door Hangings, office décor
  • Washable With Soft Hands But Not Recommended in Washing Machine
  • Marigold Strings For Decoration
  • Artificial flowers for decoration hanging

Yellow Color, Light Orange, Dark Orange, Yellow & Orange

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