3A Featuretail Balloon Stand, Set of Clear Table Desktop Balloon Holder with 7 Balloon Sticks, 7 Balloon Cups and 1 Balloon Base (4 Set Balloon Stand)


ABOUT THE PRODUCT ○ Directions to use this product remove the product from the packing open the strip and pass the balloons head from the big hole and then fix tightly into the small hole. ○ For this process first blow up all your balloons and keep them ready to save your time. ○ Balloon arch garland strip will work perfectly with balloons of different sizes in your all parties. ○ You can cut, bent, and move this strip tape in any shape you like. ○ This package does not include balloons, you have to buy separately. ○ Perfect for indoors & outdoors. ○ Balloon arch garland decorating strip can hold 100 balloon per strip. ○ This strip you can use again for your other occasions as well. ○ It will work with different sizes of balloons.

🎈USER FRIENDLY : Super Easier To Fix Balloons, Absolutely Save Your Time, Great For All Parties Wedding Birthday Xmas Baby Shower, Latest Designed PVC Material, Safe To Use For Indoor & Outdoors.

🎈DIRECTIONS : Move Balloon From Big To Small Holes, Easy To Create Arches, Garland At Home, Take Few Time To Decorate Your Party Anywhere You Want, Enjoy The Unforgettable Moments With Your Loved Ones.

🎈PACKAGE INCLUDED : 4 Set Balloon Stand which includes 28 Balloon Sticks,28 Balloon Cups and 4 Balloon Base.

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