3A Featuretail Korean Style Waterproof Printed Flower Gift Wrapping Paper Sheet | Semi Transparent Bouquet Wrap Sheets | Premium Sheet for Birthday Gift, Pack of (10, Multi-Coloured)


3A Featuretail Beautiful Colors:Korean Vintage Style, novelty and attractive simple design. Smooth surface with lovely multi colors, there is always one color that great for your design.Made from eco-friendly material, which is truly a green choice.Choose our wrapping paper, you do not worry about tear or rip while wrapping. Material: Double Colors OPP film

  • This material is made of waterproof material, so there is no need to worry about using water to decorate the bouquet when wrapping flowers. Arranging flowers, wrapping gifts, wrapping flowers bouquet paper, handicrafts are very simple, can make the bouquet more high-end.
  • Premium Quality and Elegant Design Patterns; In the Package – There will be Assorted Colour but Same Design Pattern.
  • They are smooth, stylish, and vibrant making all your gifts stand out from the crowd.
  • Perfect for bouquet and floral craft ,weddings parties, gift wrappings, craft projects etc.
  • Can be Cut or Folded As Par Need
  • Excellent Paper For Craft Works and As Gift wrapping Materials
  • Multiple colour Style,Duralble and environmental beautiful.
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